What is a medical second opinion?

A medical second opinion (a second opinion) is given after you have been diagnosed by the doctor who treats you. If the diagnosis is not clear, if the disease is very serious, or if the treatment proposed has profound implications on your body it is advisable to ask for a second opinion.

The second opinion by eedoo is created by a leading doctor from Germany who is specialized on the medical discipline in question. This doctor will either confirm the diagnosis and treatment, or give a differing opinion of the medical case, explaining why he differs from the first diagnosis.


What does a medical second opinion look like?

A medical second opinion relates to the initial medical diagnosis. The second opinion will give you certainty whether the initial diagnosis or the advised treatment is correct and appropriate.

At eedoo our doctors not only confirm the diagnosis and/or the treatment or give their differing opinion. eedoo doctors always explain on which arguments they do base their opinion on, so that you can go back and discuss it with your attending doctor.


What do I have to do to get my medical second opinion?

By the time you are requesting a second medical opinion you are holding on hands a primary (first) diagnosis, which is based on the medical examinations the doctor who currently treats you has made. You will provide the documents containing the examination results on hands by easy and fast electronic transfer (no matter in which format - eedoo will help to convert them).

A personal care will be given by your concierge. If you haven't contacted your personal concierge (chat-box right down in the corner on www.eedoo.eu), do it now. Your personal concierge will guide you step-by-step through the process: the concierge will help you with the best way to upload your medical files and show you how to do the payment.

Now, all lays in the hand of eedoo´s doctors: a specialist will review your medical files and create your medical second-opinion. We try hard to keep 72 hours but latest within 10 days you will receive your medical second-opinion online. During this time your concierge is available 24/7 for you should you have any questions. But you do not have to do anything during that time.


Please explain the steps for getting a medical second-opinion

First we are going to ask you to collect and send the results of your medical examinations as well as the doctors letter containing your diagnosis. Once you are having these documents on hand go to the section “File Upload” and choose how you want to send us your files (see also How do I send my medical files?). Then please go to “Order your Second Opinion” and pay. Now, our individually selected doctor will get to work immediately. The doctor will review your files and prepare your medical second opinion. During the examination of your uploaded files the doctor may in selected cases get back to you via your concierge and ask some more questions.


Why do I have to use the personal concierge?

It is recommended to use the service of the personal concierge, which can be found in the chat-box on the right down corner of eedoo´s website (www.eedoo.eu). We believe this is the best way to get your medical second opinion in a fast and easy manner, as we need make sure to have all your medical files and personal information before a specialist can create your second opinion. However, that does not mean you will not get a medical second opinion if you don't contact the concierge. If payment is made and documents are uploaded eedoo will take care of it immediately. But only through the personal concierge we can assure you the best possible service during this difficult phase for you and we can only this way provide you with the login details to upload your files instantly. Alternatively, we will send the login details to you via mail or SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat.


How do I send you my medical files?

Your personal concierge will guide you to the section “File upload”. We are working with a German data exchange provider called TeamDrive who is certified to transfers of sensitive data in accordance with the European data protection legislation (currently the strictest in the world). If you open the weblink in this section you are being directed to the TeamDrive login. Your concierge will provide you with the necessary login details. Here you can simply upload your medical files. Alternatively, we will send the login details to you via mail or SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat.


How do you protect my data?

We are closely working with the German data exchange provider TeamDrive who is certified to transfers of sensitive data in accordance with the European data protection legislation (currently the strictest in the world). This allows us to put a major focus on data protection. TeamDrive uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to code the updated data. This method ensures a high level of data protection.  


How long does it take to get a medical second opinion?

You will receive your medical second opinion latest within 10 days.


Who are eedoo´s doctors?

Our main focus is to provide you with the best possible medical second opinion. Therefore we carefully select our doctors based on your personal medical condition. This way we make sure that we will provide you with a doctor who is specialized on your particular condition. eedoo is cooperating with leading medical practices and university clinics in Germany, Spain and Northern Europe. For exemplary information about our doctors please visit the website: https://www.eedoo.eu/doctors where listed some of the doctors eedoo cooperates with.


What do eedoo’s doctors specialize in?

Our doctors do specialize in Cardiology, Dermatology, Haematology, Hepatology, Infectiology, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Pulmonology, Rheumatology and Urology.  


What kind of device do I need?

In order to get started with eedoo you simply need internet access. You can work with either your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.


How do I pay?

You are able to pay via any common Credit Card or PayPal. You do not need an account for making payments.


What are eedoo’s operating hours?

We operate 24/7.


Is my information shared?

No, your personal and medical information are not shared with any third parties other than your personal doctor that will provide you with your medical second opinion. Your data protection has highest priority to us and it will neither be kept nor shared to any third party other than involved parties in the eedoo process to get your medical second opinion to you.